Grizzly Bear Printable Craft


Oh he looks surprised and nonplussed all at the same time. =) This is the grizzly bear craft Lorelai painted last week and I am just now getting around to blogging. I swore I was done with the Endangered Animals unit, but it looks like I missed a couple. =) We did a cartoon-y bear […]

Printable Koala Craft


I LOVE koalas! Seriously, how cute are they?! I can’t believe it has taken me so long to make a printable koala, but here it is! Lorelai chose to paint hers brown and pink. Unfortunately, I was out of brown/green/black construction paper so I couldn’t make this one a limb to hang onto. Lorelai was […]

Printable Bear Craft

Bear Craft

I mentioned yesterday that Lorelai and I went through her animal encyclopedia and she picked out a ton of animals to craft. The sheep was a the top of the list, but after that it went in alphabetical order since she went back and started at the beginning. So ‘bear’ was next… She did a […]

{ Winnie the Pooh Printable Craft }

Winnie the Pooh Craft

Wednesday, 1/18 is Winnie the Pooh Day ~ it’s his birthday! I made this simple craft so that Lorelai and her little friends could have a Pooh craft to do at our playdate on Wednesday. It’s simple – just Pooh’s head. You can have your child color or paint, then cut out and pop onto […]

Printable Panda Craft

Panda Bear - how cute is he?!

Pandas are absolutely adorable animals, which is probably why Lorelai chose this as her 2nd craft to do today. It was a surprise when she chose to paint this one in traditional colors instead of pink or purple. =) Print below and enjoy! Open Panda Printable Facts About Pandas Giant pandas are an endangered species […]

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