Squirtable Sidewalk Chalk

Summer is upon us, and with that, fun summer activities! Sidewalk chalk is a much-loved art supply here. We are always outside drawing and playing hopscotch. Two fun activities that we have done in the past inspired this one – Sidewalk Paint, and Paint the Snow. For the snow paint, we used condiment squirters and I remember thinking, “this would be great for our sidewalk paint!”… and it was!


Materials needed for this activity — condiment squirters, sidewalk chalk (2-3 pieces for each squirter), a hammer, funnel (optional – we didn’t use one), and water.

Directions are also simple: you smash the chalk into a fine powder — fine powder is VERY important or else the chunks will get stuck in the thin squirter necks. You see the picture above? That chalk powder was NOT fine enough – it was driving the kids crazy, lol! Add the powder to the squirters. Add water. Shake until all of the chalk is dissolved. Then spray it around on the pavement/sidewalk. The color should get bright as it dries.


Doesn’t this look FUN? It was!! My little cousin (who lives next door) came over and got in on the play too. He and Lorelai had fun running around, making silly designs on the driveway.


The first squirters we did only had one piece of sidewalk chalk each. It was *not* enough. Definitely use 2-3 for each squirter! It won’t look too bright when it’s wet.


Come back when it’s dry and it will look great! These pictures don’t do this activity justice because (a) the sun was setting when I took these pics, so the lighting wasn’t right, and (b) my dad parked his truck over the ‘artwork’ so I only had one little spot to take pictures of. (We are visiting my folks right now.)



Overall, this was very fun. We will definitely do this one again before we go back to Texas in a couple of weeks. I saw earlier that Growing a Jeweled Rose also used condiment squirters for sidewalk paint. Check out her post for a homemade sidewalk chalk paint recipe!

I hope you get a chance to do this one with your child(ren)!

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    Thanks for linking this to Tuesday Tots. I’ve featured it this week. You’re welcome to grab a featured button if you like. Another one of those “on the list of things to do!” Thanks for the reminder :)


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