Printable Mexican Cactus Craft


We will be focusing on learning about Mexico for the next couple of weeks. I have a bunch of fun new activities, crafts, and recipes that I will be posting soon. Here is one of them. This isn’t what you would call an “authentic” Cinco de Mayo or Mexican craft, but it’s a fun one! I saw a poster at our local library last week with a cactus wearing a sombrero and inspiration hit. I thought, that would be a fun craft, and I was right; Lorelai loved it! Print below and enjoy, amigos!

Extra: Read about the landscape and terrain of Mexico with your child. It’s not all desert and cacti!

Craft Tip: Once your child cuts out the sombrero, make a small slit with a knife (or sharp scissors) so that the cactus’ “head” can go up into the hat.

Open Cactus Printable

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