Themed Weekly Units

I’m starting up a weekly theme for each week to help us focus our preschool activities and crafts.You will find a link to both the recap page for each week and the individual posts. The recap page is good to bookmark (or pin) for future reference. Individual pages will take you to the recipes, printables, and discussion. =) Enjoy and happy learning!


  1. Space Week Recap
  2. Solar System Printable Craft
  3. Rocketship Printable Craft
  4. Astronaut Printable Craft
  5. Moon Crater Activity
  6. Moon Phase Printable Craft
  7. Homemade Moon Sand
  8. Spaceship & Aliens Printable Craft



  1. 5 Senses Week Recap
  2. Hearing: Printable Cat Craft, Printable Mouse Craft, Hearing Activity: Freeze Dancing
  3. SMELL: Printable Bloodhound (dog) Craft, Fragrant Flower Craft with Printable, Scratch-N-Sniff Watercolors
  4. TASTE: Teaching Taste” Craft & Activity
  5. SIGHT: Printable Jellyfish Craft, Safari Craft & Fun
  6. TOUCH: Homemade Slime Activity



  1. Weather Recap
  2. Cloud & Rainbow Craft
  3. Puffy Paint Cloud
  4. Rain Cloud Experiment
  5. Printable: 2-Letter Beginner Sight Words
  6. Hanging Rainbow Pasta
  7. Homemade Cloud Dough
  8. Printable: “Today the Weather Is…” Sheet



  1. Pirate Recap
  2. Printable Cutting & Tracing Worksheets
  3. Make-A-Word Printable
  4. Printable Parrot Craft
  5. Printable Pirate Craft



  1. Rainforest Week Recap
  2. Printable Tree Frog Craft
  3. Homemade Face Paint (Rainforest Butterfly)
  4. Printable Tiger & Jaguar Crafts
  5. Animals of the Rainforest Printable
  6. Rainforest Dirt Pudding
  7. Snake Craft
  8. Layers of the Rainforest Printable



  1. RECAP ~ Transportation Week
  2. Tire Tracks Activity
  3. Basic Math ~ Train-Themed *printable*
  4. Railroad Crossing Printable *printable*
  5. Train Craft *printables*
  6. Stoplight & Stop Sign Crafts *printables*
  7. Beginning Blends Worksheet *printable*
  8. Shape Car *printable*



  1. RECAP ~ OCEANS WEEK (more crafts & activities)
  2. Sea Animals Memory Game *printable*
  3. Paper Roll Octopus Craft
  4. Seahorse Craft *printable*
  5. Handprint Fish Craft
  6. Handprint Crab Craft
  7. Jellyfish in a Bottle
  8. Sea Turtle Craft *printable*
  9. Ocean Week Breakfast
  10. Walrus Craft *printable*
  11. Ocean Worksheets *printables*
  12. Ocean Waves in a Bottle
  13. Lobster Craft
  14. Shark Craft *printable*
  15. Killer Whale Craft *printable*


  1. Amber Swarer says

    A friend of mine told me about this site. I am hooked!!! You are amazing! My student and I are enjoying these activiities very much! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Jacklyn says

    I found your website through Pinterest, followed you on facebook, and now regularly stock your blog! Thank you for sharing all of your material. This site really has been a life-saver for rainy/cold/snowy day activities. My little one loves to do crafts and my creativity is pretty limited. There are so many crafts that we can do together that aren’t time consuming or require a million materials. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your site has facilitated lots of creative bonding time :)

  3. Bennie says

    I love your site, you have some awesome crafts to do with the kids!! great printables thank you!!!!!

  4. Julie says

    I love you!!!!! I am a new kindergarten teacher and looked everywhere for “magical creature” crafts…..your site is fantastic. I plan to use it for the whole year!!!!!

  5. Dionna says

    I just found your website and I love it!!! You have some really wonderful and creative ideas. I work with toddlers and I am looking formward to trying out some of your ideas. Thank you! 😉

  6. Tricia says

    Thank you so much for all of these wonderful crafts, printables and ideas. I have a soon to be 8 year old son with severe cognitive delays, so it is always neat to find activities that are well put together, fun and simple enough that he can complete and succeed with minimal assistance.

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