• Printable Albatross Craft
  • Printable School Bus Craft
  • Printable Storytime Craft: Little Red Riding Hood
  • Handprint Snowflake Craft
  • Paint the Snow Activity
  • Reading Challenge with Printable
  • Pot of Gold & Rainbow Craft
  • Macaroni Rainbow Craft with Printable
  • Printable Seal Craft
  • Scratch-N-Sniff Watercolor Paint

Arctic Animal Crafts Round-Up

Winter is still underway, and while it may be 70 degrees outside in Houston, we have been having fun reading about and crafting arctic animals! Here is a round-up of LearnCreateLove’s printable arctic animals. I will update this list as we do more, so be sure to PIN IT so that you can come back! […]


Cupcake Craft with Printable

Mmm, cupcakes! This sweet craft is a printable one! My daughter chose to use our sparkly “cosmic” paint for her cupcake, but regular paint or crayons/markers will work, too. Open & Print: Cupcake Craft Print above and enjoy! Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page | Pinterest


Googly Eye Monster Crafts

If you’re looking for a fun craft, look no further! This was one my seven year-old came up with and I designed. She wanted to make “googly eye monsters” with the hundreds of googly eyes we currently own. We’ve made several monster crafts in the past, including Handprint Monsters & Characters from Monster’s Inc.… we […]


Book of the Week #12

» Week 12 Featured Book: Bad Kitty » Author: Nick Bruel » Illustrator: Nick Bruel Lorelai chose Bad Kitty for this week’s Book of the Week. She has been saying for weeks that we should feature this book. She recently bought this book through Scholastic with some chore money she’d earned and immediately fell in […]


Valentine’s Heart Sun-Catcher Craft

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we have been enjoying all of the heart crafts. =) This is not our first heart sun-catcher craft. You can see our previous ones here and here. I prefer this type, though, with the shape outlined and colored and the inside a tissue collage. You can find […]


Book of the Week #11

» Week 11 Featured Book: My Granny is a Pirate » Author: Val McDermid » Illustrator: Arthur Robbins This is such a cute book about a grandma who’s secret has been revealed – she’s a pirate! Cute illustrations and rhyming text make this one an easy read – we definitely recommend! Our Printable Pirate Craft […]


Valentine’s Reading Challenge Printable

Whether you have a reluctant reader or a book worm, a reading challenge is always a good incentive to get your child reading – and keep them reading! My daughter happens to fall in the latter category; she’s never far from a book and usually has her nose stuck in one. I decided to make […]


Newt Printable Craft

Whenever I think of newts, I think of that scene in the movie Matilda where the students put a newt in the evil headmaster’s water glass. It’s a classic! A reader suggested this craft, and I’m glad she did. Lorelai loved it. I made this one with only two legs. With the side-angle of the […]


Whimsy Christmas Tree Craft

Christmas trees are my favorite thing to craft around the holidays. I decided to design a whimsical tree this year for Lorelai to make and she LOVED it. She used paint and “dot dot” paint markers to do this, as well as some gemstones that were given to us from our friends at CraftProjectIdeas.com. I […]


Santa’s Sleigh Printable Craft

A big thanks to the reader who suggested this fun craft. Lorelai loved decorating her Santa sleigh with “dot-dot” paint markers. Talk about making crafting easy! =) Grab your free sleigh printable below, and don’t forget to check out our Christmas Crafts Round-Up for more fun ideas! Open Santa Sleigh Printable Craft Printable Instructions | […]


Book of the Week #10

» Week 10 Featured Book: Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet » Author: Kelly DiPucchio » Illustrator: Bob Shea Let’s face it. Goldfish are pretty boring pets, but that’s exactly what makes this book so cute and special. Gilbert Goldfish wants nothing more to have a pet of his own, and he’s determined to get one. […]


Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Craft

Christmas is such a fun time to do arts and crafts with my seven year-old daughter. I set this fun craft up for her the other day and she really loved it. She got to color and use glitter glue and gems – her favorite stuff! Materials – Jumbo popsicle stick – Strips of rectangular […]


Egg Carton Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving is only a couple days away and we are just now making our first Thanksgiving craft of the year. That has to be a new (not great) record for us. This pregnancy is kicking my butt! But we did get around to making one, and it’s a cute one — Egg Carton Turkeys! Materials: […]


Months of the Year Printable

Today I’m sharing a [hopefully] helpful set of shapes with the months of the year on them. This set would be good to cut out and hang up on a wall or chalk/white board. Or you can always use them as flashcards! I’ll be posting a Days of the Week set soon, so be sure […]


Book of the Week #9

» Week 9 Featured Book: Cindy Moo » Author: Lori Mortensen » Illustrator: Jeff Mack Cindy Moo is a fun play on the classic nursery rhyme, Hey Diddle Diddle. It’s about a silly cow named Cindy who really, really wants to jump over the moon. My daughter and I really enjoyed this one, and I […]


Book of the Week #8

» Week 8 Featured Book: Say What? » Author: Angela DiTerlizzi » Illustrator: Joey Chou Say What? is a gorgeously illustrated book with an easy-to-read rhyming sceme. We rented it from the library over the summer. It’s aimed towards younger preschoolers, but we still enjoyed it! It explores what baby animals really mean when they […]


Troll Printable Craft

Just in time for Halloween! Here is a fun troll craft Lorelai made all on her own the other day. He was intended to be a darker color and have a club, but Lorelai lost the piece before she could glue it on. There’s one on the printable! Print below and enjoy. Open Troll Printable […]


Tasmanian Devil Printable Craft

Tasmanian devils are fierce creatures. In most of the pictures I’ve seen, their mouths are wide open and their sharp teeth are very prominent. So I designed this scary printable to reflect their fiesty personalities. Lorelai immediately dubbed it as ‘CREEPY’ and had fun painting it. She made it even more silly by using blue […]


Printable Halloween Playdough Mats

Halloween is just a few days away, and I wanted to share these playdough mats I made a while ago. One is a spiderweb and the other is a faceless jack-o-lantern (pumpkin). We have had a lot of fun with playdough mats in the past, though Lore is a bit old for them now. They […]

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