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Thanksgiving Crafts Round-Up

If you are in search of some engaging and fun Thanksgiving crafts, you can stop your search. We have some pretty cute Thanksgiving crafts that we have done in the past, and will be doing more this year. Here is a list of all of them — I will be updating this post as we […]


Fall Crafts Round-Up

Crisp air, pumpkins, apple cider, hoodies, festivals, new pencils, and more… fall is one of my favorite seasons! Welcome to my Fall Crafts Round-Up! Here you will find most of autumn-themed crafts that we have done over the years. Please subscribe to our Facebook Page for updates… I will try to keep this post as […]


Egg Carton Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving is only a couple days away and we are just now making our first Thanksgiving craft of the year. That has to be a new (not great) record for us. This pregnancy is kicking my butt! But we did get around to making one, and it’s a cute one — Egg Carton Turkeys! Materials: […]


Months of the Year Printable

Today I’m sharing a [hopefully] helpful set of shapes with the months of the year on them. This set would be good to cut out and hang up on a wall or chalk/white board. Or you can always use them as flashcards! I’ll be posting a Days of the Week set soon, so be sure […]


Book of the Week #9

» Week 9 Featured Book: Cindy Moo » Author: Lori Mortensen » Illustrator: Jeff Mack Cindy Moo is a fun play on the classic nursery rhyme, Hey Diddle Diddle. It’s about a silly cow named Cindy who really, really wants to jump over the moon. My daughter and I really enjoyed this one, and I […]


Book of the Week #8

» Week 8 Featured Book: Say What? » Author: Angela DiTerlizzi » Illustrator: Joey Chou Say What? is a gorgeously illustrated book with an easy-to-read rhyming sceme. We rented it from the library over the summer. It’s aimed towards younger preschoolers, but we still enjoyed it! It explores what baby animals really mean when they […]


Troll Printable Craft

Just in time for Halloween! Here is a fun troll craft Lorelai made all on her own the other day. He was intended to be a darker color and have a club, but Lorelai lost the piece before she could glue it on. There’s one on the printable! Print below and enjoy.   See our […]


Tasmanian Devil Printable Craft

Tasmanian devils are fierce creatures. In most of the pictures I’ve seen, their mouths are wide open and their sharp teeth are very prominent. So I designed this scary printable to reflect their fiesty personalities. Lorelai immediately dubbed it as ‘CREEPY’ and had fun painting it. She made it even more silly by using blue […]


Printable Halloween Playdough Mats

Halloween is just a few days away, and I wanted to share these playdough mats I made a while ago. One is a spiderweb and the other is a faceless jack-o-lantern (pumpkin). We have had a lot of fun with playdough mats in the past, though Lore is a bit old for them now. They […]


Book of the Week #7

» Week 7 Featured Book: I am the Dog » Author: Daniel Pinkwater » Illustrator: Jack E. Davis This week’s Book of the Week is Daniel Pinkwater’s I AM THE DOG. We first read this book over the summer during one of our many trips to the library. It’s a humorous book about a boy […]



Hey guys! I thought it was about time to announce that we are expecting a baby in April of next year! We are all so excited, but none more than Lorelai. She’s over the moon about “peanut” and can’t wait to meet her little brother or sister. I have pretty rough pregnancies and am considered […]


Printable Chore Chart

Chores are good way to teach your child responsibility and get them active in helping around the house. We are big on chores here; our 7 year-old has a few that she does every day after homework and before dinner. Some of her chores include: wiping down tables, windexing patio doors, windexing kitchen appliance fronts, […]


Laminate Butterfly Craft

We are always looking for fun ways to use the craft supplies we have. Our friends at CraftProjectIdeas.com sent us a goodie box with crafty stuff recently and we’ve been having fun coming up with crafts with the materials. The “scoop” craft sticks, fuzzy sticks (pipe cleaners), glitter glue, and gems, and magnets that we […]


Button Owl Craft

We have quite the collection of craft supplies after years of making fun crafts. I’ve been cleaning out our stash and recently came across these jumbo buttons. Last week we made some Clothespin Button Spiders, and today we made some mini Owls! We are still huge fans of owls here, so this was the perfect […]


Handprint Witch Craft

As I mentioned in our Handprint Monsters post the other day, we are huge fans of handprint crafts. I started doing them with Lorelai (7) when she was just a baby, and we have continued the fun throughout the years. Last weekend she made this adorable Handprint Witch! This one is super easy. Check out […]


Fennec Fox Printable Craft

The Fennec is probably one of those adorable animals out there — at least in my opinion! My mom recently bought my seven-year-old a t-shirt that has an illustration of a Fennec. She suggested I make it into a craft. While this one doesn’t look like the shirt, it’s still pretty cute. And instead of […]


Handprint Monsters Craft

Handprint crafts are our absolute favorite, but I have to say that these sparkly & fun handprint monsters take the cake. They turned out SO cute and were a blast to make. We’ll definitely be doing this one again. I found this glittery/confetti paint at Michaels on a recent trip and snatched it up. It […]


Hercules Beetle Printable Craft

October seemed the perfect month to post this creepy little bug! This is a Hercules beetle, a horned beetle native to the rainforests of Central and South America. My husband gave me the idea to design this craft, and my seven-year-old was definitely on board to paint it. We normally make sweet, smiling animals. This […]


Clothespin Button Spiders

I love quick and easy crafts that take minimal materials, and this one fits that bill perfectly. I bought these mini clothespins from Michaels earlier today. It hit me almost immediately that we should make button spiders with them. They turned out SO cute. I hope you get a chance to make some! Materials We […]


Sabertooth Tiger Printable Craft

After recently watching Ice Age, my daughter requested a sabertooth tiger craft. Diego, the character in the movie, is really cute. He’s tough on the outside and a big teddy bear on the inside. We love him! So I designed a craft. It’s not an exact replica of the character, but it’s still fun! Don’t […]

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