Hibernating Animals Round-Up


Winter is well underway, which means certain animals in the world are hibernating right now. While Lorelai is still pretty young, she did show interest in learning about hibernation a few weeks ago when we found a snail outside, and then again when it was mentioned in a movie she was watching. I explained to her that certain animals and insects eat a lot prior to winter so that they can rest when it’s very cold out, when food supplies are scarce. The easiest example I gave her was a bear. A bear will eat and eat and eat, and then go into his or her cave and hunker down for a few months. She liked the idea of a sleeping bear. =)

Here is a quick round-up of our crafts of some hibernating animals.

Bears | Grizzly Bear




Box Turtles


Garter Snakes | Printable Snake




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