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Maddie is at the age where she’s excited about learning her letters. To break up the day, I’ve begun creating little activities for her to do. This was one of them. This is such a simple idea that you could duplicate it with many different materials.

I chose colored popsicle sticks*, star foam stickers, and a paint/permanent marker (black). The popsicles were given to us by our friends at CraftProjectIdeas.com! The star foam stickers came from Michaels.

The instructions are pretty self-explanatory here. Just stick the sticker onto the top of the popsicle stick. You could also hot-glue it to make it stay better, but the backing on the stars was good enough. Write the letters of the child’s name onto each star. The lighter stars obviously work better here. Don’t forget to make a “name guide” popsicle stick so the child will know how to line up their popsicle sticks! I stored ours in a ziplock bag. So easy!

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post and will get to make some with your child! =)

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500 Books by 5 Years-Old – Printable Reading Log & Incentives http://learncreatelove.com/500-books-5-years-old-printable-reading-log-incentives/ http://learncreatelove.com/500-books-5-years-old-printable-reading-log-incentives/#respond Tue, 06 Feb 2018 18:02:44 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11770

500 Books by 5 years-old… do you think you and your child could do it? If you read a book a day you’ll be well on your way. Add in story-time and it will be a breeze. I decided to start this challenge with my 2 (almost 3) year-old, Maddie. She has always loved reading books with me, and we are at the library several times a week. It made sense to start tracking her books. Our state (MD) has this fun challenge for young readers and we jumped on board the second we heard about it.

I’m sharing some fun PDF printables for you to print to help track their progress.
— A reading incentive chart. Color in the stars as you get to each milestone. (Or use stickers!) Once they reach 500, give them a fun prize or activity. (We will be going to Chuck E. Cheese!)
— Picture progress props. “I READ 100-200-300-and so on BOOKS!” so you an share their progress online. (Be sure to tag LearnCreateLove!!)
— Reading Log. A super simple reading log. Fill out the title/author/date, or however you wish to do it.
I suggest keeping everything together in a folder or binder in your designated reading spot, so that it’ll be easier to write down which books you read afterward.

There are none! Read to your child or have them read — it all counts! I personally don’t count re-reads.

Just be sure to make it fun and age-appropriate. Maddie still isn’t to the point where she can sit through books that have lonnnng paragraphs. So when we go to the library to get new books, I peek into them to make sure they have shorter passages.

Ready to read?! Open & Print: Reading Incentive & Photo Props & Reading Log

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Santa & Mrs. Claus Printable Crafts http://learncreatelove.com/santa-mrs-claus-printable-crafts/ http://learncreatelove.com/santa-mrs-claus-printable-crafts/#respond Tue, 12 Dec 2017 23:53:44 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11766

Ho, Ho, Ho! It’s almost santa time! Today I’m sharing a fun new set of printables: Santa & Mrs. Claus! You can check out all of our other Christmas crafts here, including more Santa crafts. =)

Open & Print: Santa Craft & Mrs. Claus Craft

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Printable Lady Frog Craft http://learncreatelove.com/printable-lady-frog-craft/ http://learncreatelove.com/printable-lady-frog-craft/#respond Tue, 05 Dec 2017 01:05:01 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11744

Do you remember this craft from so long ago? I never did get around to making a printable Lady Frog… until now! It might have taken a few years, but it’s here. This was always one of my favorite crafts Lore and I did when she was little.

Open & Print: Lady Frog Craft

Bonus! I made a fun video to go with it. Check it out below:

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Wombat Printable Craft http://learncreatelove.com/wombat-printable-craft/ http://learncreatelove.com/wombat-printable-craft/#respond Mon, 04 Dec 2017 17:39:06 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11741

Wombats are cute, pudgy marsupials that are found in Australia. My daughter, Lorelai, enjoyed learning about this animal and making the craft to go with it. Looking for another common marsupial crafts? Check out the kangaroo!

Open & Print: Wombat Craft

Facts About Wombats
– Wombats are marsupials, meaning they have pouches on their bellies in which they grow their babies.
– A baby wombat lives within its mother’s pouch for about five months before emerging.
– Wombats use their claws to dig holes in eucalyptus forests and grasslands.
– Wombats are nocturnal and vegetarian (herbivores). They come out at night to feed on grasses, bark, and roots.
– Wombat burrowing in fields can be destructive to ranches and farms that depend on their crops.
– They are native to Australia.

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Pudu Deer Printable Craft http://learncreatelove.com/11736-2/ http://learncreatelove.com/11736-2/#respond Fri, 01 Dec 2017 21:19:21 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11736

Have you heard of the smallest deer in the world? It’s the pudu! I designed this craft template ages ago, then completely forgot to post it. It’s here now and this deer is the cutest little thing. It even looks like the finished craft above with its little foot curled up. =) Grab the free craft below and enjoy! If you are looking for another cute deer craft, here is one!

Open & Print: Pudu Craft

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Corgi Dog Printable Craft http://learncreatelove.com/corgi-dog-printable-craft/ http://learncreatelove.com/corgi-dog-printable-craft/#respond Thu, 26 Oct 2017 22:56:40 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11725

Corgis are such adorable, fluffy little dogs! If you’re looking for a corgi craft, you’re in luck! I designed this one for my daughter to make and am sharing it here. Grab the template below, and enjoy!!

Open & Print: Corgi Craft

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Flying Witch Printable Outline http://learncreatelove.com/flying-witch-printable-outline/ http://learncreatelove.com/flying-witch-printable-outline/#respond Tue, 17 Oct 2017 18:27:22 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11712

Looking for the classic flying witch sihlouette? Look no further! I made this one to decorate our craft board with for Halloween. My daughter colored ours in with a posca paint marker and it worked great! Grab the template below and enjoy! Also check out our halloween crafts, and these witch crafts: printable witch, witch hat & shoe, Witchy Owl, Dried beans witch, handprint witch!

Open & Print: Flying Witch Craft

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Handprint Bat Craft http://learncreatelove.com/handprint-bat-craft/ http://learncreatelove.com/handprint-bat-craft/#respond Mon, 16 Oct 2017 17:19:57 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11708

Tis the season for spooky crafts, including this not-so-spooky handprint bat craft! I’m always trying to brainstorm ways to do handprint crafts with my 2-year-old, and I came up with this one after coming across a few of our older bat crafts. It’s really simple to do! Just paint their hands, press down onto a piece of cardstock paper, leaving a little room between both prints to paint the body of the bat. Once dry, add googly eyes and a smile. I used a white gel pen since we did a black bat.

Looking for some other bat crafts? Check these out: printable bats, hanging bat printable, paper roll bat, Batman, & more Halloween Crafts!

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Scarecrow Printable Craft http://learncreatelove.com/scarecrow-printable-craft/ http://learncreatelove.com/scarecrow-printable-craft/#respond Sat, 14 Oct 2017 17:14:11 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11705

Happy Fall! This time of the year is the best! I’m a bit late posting this, but here is a fun scarecrow (head) to decorate for the season. We’ve done a few other scarecrow crafts, including this one and this one. Also, check out our fall crafts and Halloween crafts!

Open & Print: Scarecrow Craft

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Printable Hedgehog Craft http://learncreatelove.com/printable-hedgehog-craft/ http://learncreatelove.com/printable-hedgehog-craft/#respond Wed, 11 Oct 2017 23:13:27 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11698

A while back, we made this cute hedgehog/porcupine craft, as well as this handprint one and I thought it was time to create a new one with a spin on it.

This one is of a cute little hog laying on its back. We painted ours in a rainbow of blues, purples and pinks. =) You can print the template below! Also be sure to scroll for some fun hedgehog facts!

Open & Print: Hedgehog Craft

Facts About Hedgehogs:
– Hedgehogs are mammals that have thick spines covering their bodies. Their spines are used as a defense against predators.
– Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals.
– They get their name from foraging around bushes and hedges in search of their favorite foods – worms, insects, centipedes, mice, frogs, snails, and even snakes!
– Hedgehogs hibernate in cold climates.
– They live around 6 years and weigh around 1.5 pounds (700g).

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Bear Family Printable Craft http://learncreatelove.com/bear-family-printable-craft/ http://learncreatelove.com/bear-family-printable-craft/#respond Tue, 10 Oct 2017 19:07:20 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11693

With the weather cooling off, the bears will be gearing up for the freezing winter ahead. Every year as a child, we would visit the mountains and pretty much everytime, we would spot bears along the treeline. Now that we are back on the east coast, I look forward to taking up the tradition with my kids. We made these bear crafts a couple weeks ago and they turned out so cute! Lorelai did hers in traditional brown and Maddie chose to use every color on our watercolor pallet!

Some other animal family crafts we have made: lions & slugs

Open & Print: Momma Bear & Cubs Craft

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Slug Printable Craft http://learncreatelove.com/slug-printable-craft/ http://learncreatelove.com/slug-printable-craft/#respond Sun, 08 Oct 2017 14:01:11 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11689

Icky, sticky slugs! That’s the topic for today, or at least the free printable I’m sharing here on LearnCreateLove! =) This template comes with a large slug and two smaller ones. My littles decided it was a daddy slug and his babies… cute! Grab the template below and enjoy!

Open & Print: Slug Craft

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Troll Printable Craft http://learncreatelove.com/troll-printable-craft-2/ http://learncreatelove.com/troll-printable-craft-2/#respond Thu, 05 Oct 2017 15:54:58 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11680

I’m a bit late on the Trolls train, but I just had to make this troll craft when my youngest, Maddie (2) became obsessed with the movie. This template is pretty basic- it’s just the troll head with hair. I added a few decorations (flowers, a bow, etc) in case your little one wants to decorate the troll’s hair.

My oldest decided to use these super cool peel and stick acrylic flowers & hearts that our friends at CraftProjectIdeas.com gave us to decorate her troll’s hair. She looks just like Poppy from the movie now! Grab the free template below and enjoy!!

Open & Print: Troll Craft

Maddie’s cute troll!

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Squirrel Printable Craft http://learncreatelove.com/squirrel-printable-craft/ http://learncreatelove.com/squirrel-printable-craft/#respond Wed, 04 Oct 2017 22:54:18 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11677

Can you believe it’s already October? It seems like this year has just flown by. Cooler weather is coming and the leaves are starting to change. This really is my favorite time of the year! I thought a super cute squirrel and acorn craft would be fun to craft with the littles, and it was! We crafted this squirrel and this flying squirrel crafts in the past. Grab our free template below, and happy crafting!!

Open & Print: Squirrel & Acorn Craft

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Gila Monster Printable Craft http://learncreatelove.com/gila-monster-printable-craft/ http://learncreatelove.com/gila-monster-printable-craft/#respond Tue, 26 Sep 2017 01:01:27 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11672

Have you ever heard of a gila monster? It’s a desert animal that has an extroidinary pattern of black and yellow/orange/pinkish beaded scales. This pretty reptile packs a powerful and venomous bite, so be on the lookout if you ever decide the visit the desert! I made this craft last year when we were learning about different desert animals. However, the post got lost and eventually the craft did, too. We re-made it recently and I’m happy to post it now. Print our free craft template below, and enjoy!

Open & Print: Gila Monster Craft

You can learn more about gila monsters here!

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Giant Moa Printable Craft http://learncreatelove.com/giant-moa-printable-craft/ http://learncreatelove.com/giant-moa-printable-craft/#respond Sat, 16 Sep 2017 15:29:31 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11667

The giant moa is an extinct bird, also known as the dinornis. They were huge beasts that grew up to almost 12 feet! They couldn’t fly, but instead walked on 2 strong legs. Learn more about the giant moa here. Print a copy of our free craft template below!

Open & Print: Giant Moa/Dinornis Craft

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Flying Squirrel Printable Craft http://learncreatelove.com/flying-squirrel-printable-craft/ http://learncreatelove.com/flying-squirrel-printable-craft/#respond Fri, 01 Sep 2017 13:13:06 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11663

Flying squirrels are such incredibly neat animals, both to watch and learn about. Lorelai painted this one a while back while watching a video on Youtube about flying squirrels. I’ve never seen one in real life (have you?), but we have tons and tons of regular squirrels running around here. Print the free template below and enjoy!

Open & Print: Squirrel Craft

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Printable Xylophone Craft http://learncreatelove.com/printable-xylophone-craft/ http://learncreatelove.com/printable-xylophone-craft/#comments Mon, 28 Aug 2017 12:20:06 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11660

X is for… Xylophone! If you’re looking for a craft to go along with the letter X, look no further. This craft is pretty straight-forward. Just print below and paint/color! I thought it would be best to leave the xylophone itself as one piece instead of breaking it up into a ton of different little parts. =)

Open & Print: Xylophone Craft

Happy crafting!

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6 End of Summer Activities http://learncreatelove.com/6-end-of-summer-activities/ http://learncreatelove.com/6-end-of-summer-activities/#respond Sat, 12 Aug 2017 00:53:28 +0000 http://learncreatelove.com/?p=11653

Hey friends! Long time, no post, huh? A broken computer and some big life changes (mostly good) have meant that I haven’t been able to share our crafty creations. I’ll be posting some new content soon, so be sure to follow us on our various social media platforms!

Come August, summer really seems to streettttttch before the kids go back to school. If you are looking for some fun crafts and activities to do with them, keep reading. These are guaranteed to cure some of that end-of-summer burnout all of us parents (and kids!) seem to get. Enjoy!

Scavenger Hunt: pack some iced water bottles and hit the shaded trails to find some of natures little treasures.

Bubble Snakes: a guaranteed hit for kids of all ages. Seriously, do these!!

Homemade Bubble Wands & Homemade Bubbles: great for keeping little fingers busy, and BONUS: pretty simple.

Discover Animal Tracks: while you’re doing the scavenger hunt above, be sure to keep an eye out for animal trails. They’re easy to find when you know what to look for!

Scratch & Sniff Watercolors: a fun indoor art project for hot days.

Fingerprint Mason Jar Bugs: make some cute fireflies, lady bugs, and spiders with your fingers with this printable mason jar craft.

I hope you get to do some of these crafts/activities with your children before summer is over. Even if they are already back in school, these would be great for after school. Have a great summer break!

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