Book of the Week #13


Title: Squirrel’s Busy Day Author: Lucy Barnard Welcome to this week’s featured book of the week! Today I’m sharing a super cute book by Lucy Barnard entitled Squirrel’s Busy Day. We found this book tucked away in a packed bookshelf in our local library. It was one of many that we rented out that day, […]

Months of the Year Printable


Today I’m sharing a [hopefully] helpful set of shapes with the months of the year on them. This set would be good to cut out and hang up on a wall or chalk/white board. Or you can always use them as flashcards! I’ll be posting a Days of the Week set soon, so be sure […]

Book of the Week #8


» Week 8 Featured Book: Say What? » Author: Angela DiTerlizzi » Illustrator: Joey Chou Say What? is a gorgeously illustrated book with an easy-to-read rhyming sceme. We rented it from the library over the summer. It’s aimed towards younger preschoolers, but we still enjoyed it! It explores what baby animals really mean when they […]

Book of the Week #5


» Week 5 Featured Book: Giraffes Can’t Dance » Author: Giles Andreae This week’s book is Giraffes Can’t Dance. I discovered this book while browsing on Amazon and the reviews made me snatch it up. It’s a story about a giraffe that wants to dance, but his legs are too long and skinny. With the […]

Printable Playdough Mats: Y and Z


I’m finishing off this Playdough Mat series with letters Y and Z; Y is for Yak and Z is for Zebra. If you are unfamiliar with playdough mats, the concept is super easy to understand – you print & play! You can laminate (or stick in a plastic sheet protector) and use playdough to “color” […]

Printable Playdough Mats: S & T


Here are the playdough mats for the letters S & T! I chose to use the sea turtle and tree frog from crafts past. =) You can see our other printable playdough mats here. We stick ours in sheet protectors (you can laminate, though!) and “color” them with playdough. Crayons and markers would work just […]

Printable Playdough Mats: Q & R


The great thing about these Playdough Mats is that you don’t actually have to use playdough! Lorelai has been coloring the latest few with crayons and markers and it works just as well. When we did use playdough, I either laminated the printable or just stuck it in a plastic sheet protector. Both ways worked […]

Printable Playdough Mats: O & P


It seems like I have gotten so behind on all of my little projects since school has started for my daughter. Surprisingly enough, without the structured day, I seem to be lost! =) I finally got around to making the “O” and “P” printable playdough mats for the series. Check out the Playdough Section for […]

Chicken Life Cycle Printables


We took some time this evening before bedtime to learn about the life cycle of chickens! I designed the printables last week and we were thankfully able to get to them today. The first week of school has been hectic, to say the least. We’re finding our groove though, and Lore was super happy to […]

Printable Playdough Mats: M&N


Here is the next set of Printable Playdough Mats – letters M & N! You can find the original printable crafts here – manatee & narwhal. You can also find the other printable playdough mats here in this section. Print, stick in a plastic sheet protector/laminate and have fun decorating with playdough. Or you could […]

Printable Playdough Mats: K & L


Learning through play is like sneaking vegetables into your meatloaf – it’s sneaky, and it works. For the children who won’t sit down at the table and practice their letters over and over again, a playdough mat might just come in handy. The way we use the playdough mat is simple. Stick it in a […]

Printable Playdough Mats: I & J


Playdough mats are a fun way to teach letters to young children. They are also great for review for those who already know their letters (like my daughter). Up next are letters I and J. I did plain cones for “I is for ice cream” so that Lorelai (and your kids!) could make their own […]

Printable Letter Match Flashcards


Flashcard games and activities can be a fun way to introduce a new learning concept to your child. Whether your child is just now learning the alphabet, or is an old pro, doing a match-up of upper and lowercase letters is good fun. We are visiting family out-of-state right now, so I don’t have access […]

Printable Pretend Play Set: Restaurant


Pretend play is my five-year-old’s favorite way to play. Ever since I made the Pet Adoption & Vet Clinic Pretend Play printable sheets, she has requested again and again for more. I finally got around to making this Restaurant set last night, with her glued to my side and making suggestions here and there. There […]

Printable Playdough Mats: G & H


Playdough mats are a fun way to learn while playing! Whether your child is now learning his/her letters, letter sounds, or you are just in need of a fun diversion, these playdough mats can help. Some like to print and just color, and that’s okay, too! I just call them Playdough Mats because that’s what […]

Scavenger Hunt Activity with Printable


Spring is officially here, and here in Houston, the weather today was BEAUTIFUL! 65 degrees and sunny – I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. This afternoon, Lorelai and I headed to a local nature sanctuary and walked the trails while looking for items on our scavenger hunt list. This particular park is an […]

Reading Challenge with Printable


My daughter is a reader. A beginner reader, but a reader, nonetheless. She has gotten more and more confident in her sounding out abilities as of late, that I decided to give her even more incentive to pick up her books and dive into them. I created a reading challenge for her. Once she hits […]

Printable Lined Story Paper


I love seeing Lore’s little imagination come to life. She has gotten so creative lately – both in her drawings and her independent crafting. She made a crown today out of construction paper… all by herself, and it turned out really cute! Then tonight she asked to write a book. I had made this lined […]

{ Shaving Cream Marble Painting }


What a fun project for a quiet afternoon at home! I heard about this project ages ago from a friend (Hi Manda!) and finally got around to doing it with Lorelai today. The techinique is really, really simple and super fun! Materials We Used: Large Cookie Sheet (one without sides works best!) Shaving Cream Food […]

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