Printable Letter Match Flashcards


Flashcard games and activities can be a fun way to introduce a new learning concept to your child. Whether your child is just now learning the alphabet, or is an old pro, doing a match-up of upper and lowercase letters is good fun. We are visiting family out-of-state right now, so I don’t have access […]

{ Printable Playdough Mats: C & D }


Playdough mats are a fun way to introduce letters to your child(ren). If you have an older child (like me!) then they are great for just providing a backdrop for playough play. Think: coloring with playdough! I don’t have any action shots of these being played with. I’m saving them for when I have a […]

{ Scavenger Hunt Activity with Printable }


Spring is officially here, and here in Houston, the weather today was BEAUTIFUL! 65 degrees and sunny – I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. This afternoon, Lorelai and I headed to a local nature sanctuary and walked the trails while looking for items on our scavenger hunt list. This particular park is an […]

{ Sink or Float Experiment with Printable }

Materials - Getting Started

Science Sunday! Okay, that’s not really a thing here, but it sounds good. I meant to get to this yesterday but we had a whole lot of nothing going on…. you know how that is. Lore was hopping up and down when I mentioned doing an experiment. She followed me around like a little duckling […]

{ Turkey Learning Activties & Printables }

Turkey Feather Patterns

Lorelai was so upset to miss school yesterday. We had some car trouble in the morning on the way to school and she wasn’t able to go. So I made a point to do some fun learning activities with her today. We went out on the patio since it’s so beautiful outside. She was chipper […]

{ Practice Your Address Printable }

Practice Your Address Worksheet

I made this printable practice worksheet for Lorelai. She’s learning our home address and I wanted something a little more fun for her to practice it on. I plan to laminate it so that we can use a dry-erase marker; that way we will get more use out of it! { Print: Address Worksheet } […]

{ Sight Word Magnets with Printable }

Printable Sight Words

This project has been in the back of my mind for weeks now. Lorelai is really great about sounding out words, but she has been struggling with comprehending the sentences she reads. There are also some words that can’t be sounded out correctly, that she struggles with. Flashcards aren’t her forte, so I made some […]

{ Missing Letters: ABC Apples }

Missing Alphabet Apples

  I made this simple worksheet to test Lore’s ability to figure out missing letters in the alphabet. There are only 15 apples on the printable, but instead of printing two, I just did little sections of the alphabet wat a time. She flew right through it! I also tried her on numbers and she […]

{ A Butterfly’s Life Cycle – Printable }

Butterfly Life Cycle Printable

In case you haven’t caught on yet, today’s theme is the life cycle of a butterfly. Yes, a theme for the day, since we’re stuck inside waiting for our service guy to come fix our refrigerator door. I knew last night that I would have to dig deep and find a bunch of stuff to […]

{ Polaroid Word Activity }

f u n

I finally had a few minutes to make this polaroid word activity that has been bouncing around my head for ages. Remember in school how the teacher would give you paper that had a box to draw in, and underneath there were lines to write a story? Same concept, but on a much smaller scale. […]

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