{ Printable Chore Chart }

A couple days ago, I made a┬áprintable behavior chart and then shared it here. Using the same template, I converted it into a chore chart! We definitely needed one for Lorelai. She’s been pretty good about picking up after herself, but I think having a dedicated sticker chart for her chores will help even more. […]

{ Behavior Chart Printable }

Behavior Chart

I made this behavior chart as a last ditch effort to get Lorelai to behave – mostly around bedtime. She has been so challenging when it comes to going to sleep. Last night we spent 2 hours “fighting” with her to get her down. It has to stop… we are drained mentally/emotionally. Hopefully this helps! […]

{ Toy Explosion }

Pretty much my reaction to the toy explosion today.

One of my biggest pet peeves as a parent are the amount of toys my child has collected. Between birthday bashes, Christmas, random gifts from family… it’s just overwhelming. I had a system set up about 6 months ago where she had a bunch of small-ish bins in the closet filled with different toys that […]

{ Oh, We Are SO Here… }

Lorelai's New Behavior Chart

I didn’t want to have to resort to this, but we are having a really rough time with Lorelai not listening and just, in general, being a little monster. I know she’s just testing her boundaries, but I’m hoping this visual chart will help me out a bit. I’m also going to try this other […]

{ Mommy Melting! }


I cut Lorelai’s sandwich into a heart shape today and told her it was because she’s special and I love her. WOW. If I had foreseen the reaction I got, I would have started cutting her sandwiches into special shapes a long time ago. She flipped. Squealed her little Lorelai squeal. Jumped up and down […]

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