{ Printable Albatross Craft }


Lorelai saw a documentary on arctic animals and birds a few weeks back, and of course the albatross came up. It’s a very neat bird, having the longest wingspan of any bird. It spends most of its time flying! She happily painted, cut out, and glued down this one yesterday afternoon. Afterward, we read some […]

{ Adventure Time Crafts: Finn & Jake }


Lorelai and her daddy are big fans of Adventure Time. They watch it every Saturday morning along with the Ninja Turtles! She came up to me the other day and sweetly asked for AT crafts. I had to do some serious research beforehand because I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode! She was thrilled […]

{ Lotso’s Birthday Party with Printable Invites }


The guests: Baking Lotso’s Birthday “Cake” The Birthday Boy & His Cake I am very happy to announce that last week, Lorelai’s beloved Lotso turned 4 years-old. I made up some simple invitations and we had a low-key party on the patio. Lore baked him a cake with sand (the leaves are candles). Apparently he […]

{ Printable Ambulance Craft }

Printable Ambulance

Warning: Upon printing this craft, your child will likely make ambulance noises the entire time they paint it, cut it out, and glue it back togehter. And when it’s dry, they will race around your home continuing to make said noises. You have been warned. Now go print! And if you can’t print, PIN IT […]

{ Printable Back Hoe Tractor Craft }

Painted & Dry, just waiting to be cut out

Lore was happy to paint another colorful construction vehicle. She did a dump truck and a cement truck a couple of weeks ago. We actually saw a back hoe the other day while some road work was going on nearby. Print below and enjoy! Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page

Hibernating Animals Round-Up


Winter is well underway, which means certain animals in the world are hibernating right now. While Lorelai is still pretty young, she did show interest in learning about hibernation a few weeks ago when we found a snail outside, and then again when it was mentioned in a movie she was watching. I explained to […]

{ Printable Lemur Craft }

Printable Lemur Craft

I realized yesterday while organizing crafts, that our lemur craft never made it to the blog. Oops! This little guy has been done for a few weeks now. Lorelai really likes lemurs, thanks to the movie Madagascar. I tried to trick her one day when we were playing an animal game. I will ask her […]

{ Printable Hungry Caterpillar Craft }


The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is one of our favorite books. We read it all the time! So when Lorelai brought me the book last week and asked me if she could do a caterpillar craft, I said of course. I printed out our old caterpillar craft and she pointed to the book […]

{ Cardinal Craft }


Good morning! I have been holding this craft for a few months, thinking that it would best be done during the winter. Cardinals make me think of snow and snow makes me think of the abundance of cardinals (and other birds) taking up residence at the bird feeder on my parents’ back deck. Lorelai and […]

{ Printable Cement Truck Craft }


Out of our stack of ready-to-go printable crafts, Lorelai chose this cement mixer truck this afternoon. She loves pointing out all of the different trucks and construction vehicles while we’re on the road. It didn’t surprise me in the least when she requested this one. Print below and enjoy! Printable Instructions | Terms of Use […]

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