{ Lorelai’s Craft List }

Lorelai and her list

I know I’ve mentioned this a zillion times now, but since this is pretty much a ‘recap’ post, let me recap. Last week, Lorelai pulled out her animal encyclopedia and went through and found a bunch of animals that she wanted to crafts of. Since then, I’ve been making printables like crazy in order to […]

{ Printable Fox Craft }

Fox Craft

Every time I see a fox, I immediately think of the first time I saw one. I was riding behind one of my uncles on his dirtbike as a child (I couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6) and we saw a reddish-orange fox streak across the field. Not sure why that memory stuck […]

{ Printable Hippo Craft }

Hippo Craft

Who doesn’t love a cute hippo? Nevermind that they actually kill more people each year than sharks. They’re still pretty cute, especially purple ones! We’re nearing the end of Lorelai’s list (from her animal encyclopedia) of crafts now… thank goodness! Again, this one is 2 pages. I couldn’t fit the big ol’ hippo + 4 […]

{ Printable Grasshopper Craft }


This is another of Lore’s list animals… or in this case, insect. I wasn’t able to squeeze his long body, wing, head, and 6 legs into one sheet so this is a two-page printable. It can all be printed from the same PDF file though! Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page   […]

{ Printable Gorilla Craft }

Gorilla Craft

This craft takes me back to my days spent playing Donkey Kong with my brothers and cousins. I had originally intended for both of his arms to be pointing down, but I must have inverted one of them while trying to get them to fit into a single printable… so now he has one arm […]

{ Printable Bald Eagle Craft }

Bald Eagle Craft

Last night I finally finished making the printables for all of the crafts on Lore’s list. I printed them all out and stuck them on the kitchen counter so we could get started on them. We normally only do one craft a day. Maybe two if we have time. Today, we did 6… and it […]

{ Printable Duck Craft }

Duck Craft

It has been a raining and storming on and off for the past few days here. For some reason, this duck seemed to fit perfectly with the weather. I doodled on the ‘example’ of this little guy on the printable — made him hold an umbrella, and Lore got a big kick out of it. […]

{ Printable Deer Craft }

Baby Deer Craft

Isn’t this little fawn the cutest little thing? Once again, this is another of Lore’s requests from her animal encyclopedia (she made me a list). She didn’t just want any deer, she wanted a Bambi-like deer (baby/fawn), and this is what I came up with. Note, on the printable, there is a light gray line […]

{ Chameleon Craft }

Chameleon Craft

This little guy turned out so cute! This was another request of Lore’s from her animal encyclopedia. She saw the picture and immediately wanted to do ‘one of those lizard things that Rapunzel has… =) She painted it while I cleaned today, hence no process pictures. Print below! Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | […]

{ Printable Beaver Craft }


Purple beaver? Why not! This was another of Lore’s encyclopedia animals, though I’m sure she was also swayed by one of her favorite books – 47 Beavers on the Big Blue Sea by Phil Vischer. It’s a fun book both to read and listen to (comes with an audio CD). Download & Print the craft […]

{ Printable Bear Craft }

Bear Craft

I mentioned yesterday that Lorelai and I went through her animal encyclopedia and she picked out a ton of animals to craft. The sheep was a the top of the list, but after that it went in alphabetical order since she went back and started at the beginning. So ‘bear’ was next… She did a […]

{ Printable Sheep Craft }

My happy girl!

So during my little hiatus from the computer last week, I had Lorelai look through her animal encyclopedia to pick out some animals I could turn into printables for crafts. No lie, I have 15 new animals on our to-do list. At the top was a sheep, so that’s what we did today. =) Tips: […]

{ Revisited: Printable Owl Craft }

Painting & Cheesing

Yep, Lore decided that she wanted to paint another owl, and that she wanted it to be purple and red. I broke out the watercolors and she went at it. Here is the original owl she did for Valentines Day last year. This is still one of my favorite printable crafts! =) { Download & […]

{ Word Practice: Zoo Edition }

M - A - N

I made another beginner word practice sheet for Lorelai, but this time Zoo-Themed. Instead of restricting it to certain word group (like with the Pirate Printable), I left the entire thing blank. Laminate or stick in a pocket protector sheet to use many times. Lorelai and I did “at”, “an”, and “it” words today. I […]

{ Practice Cutting: Zoo Edition }

Lorelai cutting

Zoo week is here! So so excited about this one because we’re ending the week on Friday by visiting the zoo, something we haven’t done in over a year (oops). Neither of us were in a crafty mood this morning so we did our regular homeschool thing in the morning and added in this cutting […]

{ Ocean Week RECAP }

Ocean Week

Finally, a theme in which we were able to accomplish a lot! I think it helped that I dedicated 2 weeks to the subject. We definitely could have kept going. We will revisit this one for sure in the future! Crafts & Activities We Did: Sea Animals Memory Game *printable* Paper Roll Octopus Craft Seahorse […]

{ Sea Animals Printable Memory Game }

Laminate for extra durability

Memory was one of my favorite games as a child, and that seemed to pass on down to Lorelai. We play it all.the.time. The only difference is when I was younger, my brothers and I would use a deck of cards and Lorelai gets to use fun custom-made ones. =) Sorry about the cruddy photos. […]

{ Oceans of the World Printable }

Lorelai's Ocean

{ Download & Print: Our World’s Oceans Printable } This is another printable I made. Not as colorful and fun as most, but it does get the job done if you don’t have a globe handy – which we don’t yet. (It’s on my list!) We went through the different oceans and Lorelai currently knows […]

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