{ Polaroid Word Activity }

f u n

I finally had a few minutes to make this polaroid word activity that has been bouncing around my head for ages. Remember in school how the teacher would give you paper that had a box to draw in, and underneath there were lines to write a story? Same concept, but on a much smaller scale. […]

{ Printable Alphabet & Numbers Worksheets }

Lorelai coloring in her alphabet

Lorelai has known the alphabet (upper and lower) since she was two, but every now and again she’ll get tripped up on a letter if she doesn’t use/see it for a while. I made this very simple printable sheet with all of the letters in ‘bubble’ form so she could color them in. There are […]

{ Basic Shapes Printable }

Lorelai painting

I wanted to make a printable set with basic shapes, and this is what I came up with. Instead of just having Lorelai paint the shapes like usual, I used a white crayon to write the names inside of the shapes. Then she used watercolors to go over. We did this technique before on this […]

{ Baking Soda & Vinegar Volcano Experiment }

Pushing the dirt up around the bottle of vinegar

I saved this fun volcano experiment for our trip here in MD. My parents’ house has a big (dirt) basketball court in the backyard. So, this afternoon while my nephew and mom napped, we went out to do the little experiment. I filled an empty soda bottle (we didn’t have any empty water bottles) halfway […]

{ Word Practice: Zoo Edition }

M - A - N

I made another beginner word practice sheet for Lorelai, but this time Zoo-Themed. Instead of restricting it to certain word group (like with the Pirate Printable), I left the entire thing blank. Laminate or stick in a pocket protector sheet to use many times. Lorelai and I did “at”, “an”, and “it” words today. I […]

{ Practice Cutting: Zoo Edition }

Lorelai cutting

Zoo week is here! So so excited about this one because we’re ending the week on Friday by visiting the zoo, something we haven’t done in over a year (oops). Neither of us were in a crafty mood this morning so we did our regular homeschool thing in the morning and added in this cutting […]

{ Ocean Week RECAP }

Ocean Week

Finally, a theme in which we were able to accomplish a lot! I think it helped that I dedicated 2 weeks to the subject. We definitely could have kept going. We will revisit this one for sure in the future! Crafts & Activities We Did: Sea Animals Memory Game *printable* Paper Roll Octopus Craft Seahorse […]

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