{ Practice Your Address Printable }

Practice Your Address Worksheet

I made this printable practice worksheet for Lorelai. She’s learning our home address and I wanted something a little more fun for her to practice it on. I plan to laminate it so that we can use a dry-erase marker; that way we will get more use out of it! { Print: Address Worksheet } […]

{ Sight Word Magnets with Printable }

Printable Sight Words

This project has been in the back of my mind for weeks now. Lorelai is really great about sounding out words, but she has been struggling with comprehending the sentences she reads. There are also some words that can’t be sounded out correctly, that she struggles with. Flashcards aren’t her forte, so I made some […]

{ Bottle Cap Counting }

Bottle Cap Counting

Today we worked on counting by 5s and 10s by using bottle caps. Bottle caps can be used for many things – sight words, letters, numbers, etc. It’s inexpensive and a lot more fun than just writing the numbers down on paper. Lorelai lined them up, counted, and made up her own little song. So […]

{ Missing Letters: ABC Apples }

Missing Alphabet Apples

  I made this simple worksheet to test Lore’s ability to figure out missing letters in the alphabet. There are only 15 apples on the printable, but instead of printing two, I just did little sections of the alphabet wat a time. She flew right through it! I also tried her on numbers and she […]

{ Baking Soda & Vinegar Experiment }

Baking Soda & Vinegar Experiment

It has been a pretty busy week around here, and we haven’t much free time for crafts. Today after my lunch meeting and errands, Lorelai and I came home and did a fun science experiment with baking soda and vinegar. While we were in Maryland a couple of months ago, Lorelai made a volcano with […]

{ Marshmallow & Toothpick Fun }


I have been wanting to do this activity with Lorelai for a while now, so when we had a few spare minutes this afternoon that needed filling, we got right to it. Lorelai really enjoyed this. Probably because she got to eat little morsels of sugar throughout the entire activity without me screeching about it […]

{ Practicing Letters & a Museum Trip }

Working on fine motor skills & coordination

    Lorelai really needs to work on her lowercase letters, so this morning sounded like a great time to do so. On Pinterest, there’s this pin floating around where a ziplock baggie has paint in it and kids practice their letters by using a q-tip to “write” their letters in the paint. Well, I […]

{ Learning Board 2.0 }

Our Learning Board

A year and a half ago, give or take, I posted this post about our learning board. It worked amazingly well for us at the time, considering Lore was almost 2 years younger. She’s a bit past the animal & letter of the week now. Plus, the cheap board was starting to fall apart; it […]

{ A Butterfly’s Life Cycle – Printable }

Butterfly Life Cycle Printable

In case you haven’t caught on yet, today’s theme is the life cycle of a butterfly. Yes, a theme for the day, since we’re stuck inside waiting for our service guy to come fix our refrigerator door. I knew last night that I would have to dig deep and find a bunch of stuff to […]

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