{ Printable Pretend Play Set: Restaurant }


Pretend play is my five-year-old’s favorite way to play. Ever since I made the Pet Adoption & Vet Clinic Pretend Play printable sheets, she has requested again and again for more. I finally got around to making this Restaurant set last night, with her glued to my side and making suggestions here and there. There […]

{ Printable Playdough Mats: G & H }


Playdough mats are a fun way to learn while playing! Whether your child is now learning his/her letters, letter sounds, or you are just in need of a fun diversion, these playdough mats can help. Some like to print and just color, and that’s okay, too! I just call them Playdough Mats because that’s what […]

{ Scavenger Hunt Activity with Printable }


Spring is officially here, and here in Houston, the weather today was BEAUTIFUL! 65 degrees and sunny – I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. This afternoon, Lorelai and I headed to a local nature sanctuary and walked the trails while looking for items on our scavenger hunt list. This particular park is an […]

{ Reading Challenge with Printable }


My daughter is a reader. A beginner reader, but a reader, nonetheless. She has gotten more and more confident in her sounding out abilities as of late, that I decided to give her even more incentive to pick up her books and dive into them. I created a reading challenge for her. Once she hits […]

{ Printable Lined Story Paper }


I love seeing Lore’s little imagination come to life. She has gotten so creative lately – both in her drawings and her independent crafting. She made a crown today out of construction paper… all by herself, and it turned out really cute! Then tonight she asked to write a book. I had made this lined […]

{ Shaving Cream Marble Painting }


What a fun project for a quiet afternoon at home! I heard about this project ages ago from a friend (Hi Manda!) and finally got around to doing it with Lorelai today. The techinique is really, really simple and super fun! Materials We Used: Large Cookie Sheet (one without sides works best!) Shaving Cream Food […]

{ Balloon Experiment }

Blowing up the balloon without air

Experimenting with Baking Soda and Vinegar is definitely a favorite activity here. In the past, we’ve done a BS&V Volcano, and BS&V Food Coloring Fun. Today, after picking Lorelai up from school and eating lunch, I gathered the materials for today’s experiment. We hadn’t been out on the patio in a few weeks, so everything […]

{ Sink or Float Experiment with Printable }

Materials - Getting Started

Science Sunday! Okay, that’s not really a thing here, but it sounds good. I meant to get to this yesterday but we had a whole lot of nothing going on…. you know how that is. Lore was hopping up and down when I mentioned doing an experiment. She followed me around like a little duckling […]

{ Turkey Learning Activties & Printables }

Turkey Feather Patterns

Lorelai was so upset to miss school yesterday. We had some car trouble in the morning on the way to school and she wasn’t able to go. So I made a point to do some fun learning activities with her today. We went out on the patio since it’s so beautiful outside. She was chipper […]

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